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VoiceTra4U is an easy-to-use speech translation app especially suitable for travel-related conversations.              The app consists of 2 modes; ‘Single Mode’ and ‘Chat Mode’. With Single Mode, you may input speech/text and have them translated into the selected language on your device. The Chat Mode allows you to link multiple devices to chat with up to 5 different language speakers, either face-to-face or remotely, and have your speech/text translated into the speakers’ respective languages in real time. The app contributes not only to break the language barriers but modality barriers as well; for instance, communicating with the visually-impaired via speech, or with the hearing-impaired via text.

The app covers over 30 different languages (See the list of Languages). The speech data collected by using this app will be utilized for improving the speech translation technology being developed through U-STAR researches based on the 'Terms of Use'.
The app is available for FREE on the App Store. *Packet data fee is not included.


Quick Start     
1. Single Mode   2. Input Speech   3. See Translation Results    
Tap the 'mic icon' at the bottom.   Speak into the mic when the above screen is displayed. Tap "Finish" when you're finished.   Tap the 'language icon' at the bottom right to switch languages.    

Language Selection (For Versions 2.6 or later)     
1. Screen Components   2. Drag & Drop to Choose
Select the desired language from the language groups; 'Asia Languages' or
'World Languages'. The languages which are shown can be filtered according
to speech input/output capability. This is achieved by pressing the mic and
speaker buttons located near the bottom left corner of the screen.
  The source and target languages can be respectively selected by dragging the flag and dropping it near the top of the screen. The indicators on both sides of the selected flag show the speech input/output capabilities.

How to Chat
1. Chat Mode   2. Sign Up   3. Find friends   4. Select friends and call
Tap the 'Chat icon' at the bottom left to start chat.   Create an account when using 'chat' for the first time. Tap 'language icon' at the bottom left to select language.   Search friends by user name.   Select friend(s) to chat with in the contact list and tap the "Call" button. You will be asked to input codes if a Friend Filter is set.
5. Calling   6. Begin Chat        
The chat will begin when your friend(s) respond.   After the chat begins, you can input speech or text and you'll see it translated into your friends' language.        

1. Feedback   2. Notify Speaker        
Tap the '?' icon if you don't understand the translated results.   You may send a request to ask the speaker to try again in different words.        


  Single Mode

In 'Single Mode', you can test out the translation via speech/text input. Please refer to "Speak(Speech Input)" for speech input. Tap and activate the text input box to input text.

Tap the 'language icon' at the bottom to switch languages. You may also invert languages by switching the tab at the top.

  Speak(Speech input)

Hold your device close and speak into the mic. Tap 'Finish' when you're done and the spoken text will be displayed on the screen.

  User Information

You can create your page and add information such as your profile picture, which will be displayed in 'Chat Mode'. The language information specified here will also be used to improve translation accuracy.

  Contact List

The contact list is empty when you first install the app. Search friends and invite them to chat. To start chat, select the person/people and tap 'Chat'. You may chat with up to 5 people, including yourself, at the same time.

  Invite Friends to Chat

Receiving screen

Calling screen

Here are the examples of the 'Receiving Screen'(top) and the 'Calling Screen' (bottom). Tap the 'Answer' icon to start chat and 'Decline' to reject in the 'Receiving Screen'.

  Chat Mode

You may chat with your friends via speech/text input. Please refer to "Speak(Speech Input)" for speech input. Tap and activate the text input box to input text.

The text found in 'Reverse Translation' is the result of your speech; once translated into English and then back into your selected language. You may judge whether your speech has been properly translated and conveyed to others or not, by checking if the 'Reverse Translation' is matched or similar to what you have inputted.



Gathering with friends and looking up information on event in London.

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Making plans for the London Olympics. Purchasing a ticket from India.

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Compatible Models

Q: Is the application available for iPad or iPod touch?
A: The application can be used for iPad2, iPod touch (4G), and the succeeding models.

Fee Charge

Q: Does the packet flat-rate service cover the telecommunication fee for using this application?
A: Yes, it does.

Limitation of Chat Time

Q: Why is the time of chatting confined to one hour?
A: As the number of computers for this experiment is limited, we would like to restrict the chat time to one hour so that we’re able to offer our service to as many users as possible.

Operation Instructions

Q: I’d like to show foreign people how to use the application. How do I explain operation?
A: We have the preinstalled language service for operation instructions in Japanese, English, and Chinese within the application. When you configure a foreign language as an input language, and tap the question mark, "?" in the lower section of the screen, it shows the instructions in the language you selected. For instance, if you select Chinese (standard) as input language, the instructions are shown in Chinese (standard), while the explanation is in English for other languages.


Q: Some translations are wrong.
A: We developed this application with the aim of performing translation for the travel domain, as follows:
"How much does it cost to go to Kyoto station by taxi?"
"Can I get a little discount?"
"Where is the restroom?"
It cannot translate incomprehensible utterances, exclusive words, or sentences outside the travel domain into travel conversation.

Q: "The invited user is not available for now." message appears when making a call.
A: This message appears if one of the following conditions is detected:
(1) the user's device is switched off or offline,
(2) "VoiceTra4U" is not launched on the user's device,
(3) the user is on another phone call or chatting with other users,
(4) the user has been deleted or has changed the friend filter.

Q: My device won't vibrate when I hold it to my ear?
A: You will hear a beep through your ear speaker in Ver 2.2 or later.

Q: I don't hear the beep when I hold the device to my ear?
A: Try adjusting the volume on your device.


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