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About VoiceTra4U for iOS

VoiceTra4U is an easy-to-use speech translation app especially suitable for travel-related conversations. The app allows you to input speech/text and have them translated into the selected language on your device. The app contributes not only to break the language barriers but modality barriers as well; for instance, communicating with the visually-impaired via speech, or with the hearing-impaired via text. The app supports 28 languages (31 languages including dialects). See the list of languages for more information. The speech data collected from the app will be utilized for improving the speech translation technology being developed through U-STAR researches based on the 'Terms of Use'. The app is available for FREE on the App Store. (Packet data fee is not included)

How to Use

1. Start the App   2. Single Mode   3. Select Languages   4. Ready
Please wait for the server connection to be verified.   Tap the 'Language Button'to select languages.   Select the languages you wish to translate to/from by dragging the flag and dropping it near the top of the screen. The indicators on both sides of the flag show the speech input/output capabilities.   The input / output languages can be switched by tapping the flags and activating the designated tab.
VoiceTra4U supports 28 languages (31 languages including dialects). Select the desired language(s) from the language groups; 'Asia Languages' or
'World Languages'. The languages which are shown can be filtered according
to the speech input/output capabilities. This can be activated by pressing the 'Speech Input/Output Filter Buttons' located near the bottom left corner of the screen.
1. Single Mode   2. Input Speech   3. Processing   4. Results
There are 2 ways to input speech;
1. Press the mic button at the bottom of your screen.
2. Hold your device close to your ear as you would to talk on the phone.
  Speak into the microphone on your device and press 'Finish' when finished speaking.   Please wait while the system recognizes and translates your speech.   The translated results will be displayed. For those languages available for speech output, audio will automatically play when the results are displayed.
Pressto listen to the synthesized speech again.
You may respeak (restate your speech) by pressing on the same screen.            


Text Input  
You may use your keyboard on your device to input text.
*Please note that some languages only support text input / output at the moment.
See here for the list of supported languages.

Check Translation  
The text displayed in the middle of the screen allows you to check whether what you have input is being properly translated or not. VoiceTra4U is designed to where you can input speech/text and let the person you wish to communicate with see/hear the translated results onsite. If the person does not understand the translated results, he/she can tap (the text beneath says "I don't understand" in their language) and let you know if you should consider restating your speech.

Other Features  

Pressing will take you to the information and support menu.

①'About this app' and
'About U-STAR' will take you to the U-STAR Website(this page).

②'Tell a friend' and 'Contact us' will launch your email app.

③Information about which server you are connected to and your app version are displayed here.

Tap 'Back' to go back to the app.


Compatible Models

Q: Is the app available on iPad or iPod Touch?
A: The app can be used on iPad2, iPod Touch (4G), and the succeeding models.

Network Connection

Q: I keep receiving errors when I try to launch the app.
A: Please verify your network connection. The app requires either 3G/4G or Wi-Fi network connection.

Fee Charge

Q: Does the packet flat-rate service cover the telecommunication fee for using this app?
A: Yes, it does. *For further details, please contact your carrier company.


Q: I sometimes get cut off while I'm speaking.
A: The app is designed to automatically detect the end of your speech by default. (After a few seconds without any speech, the app will stop speech recognition) This feature can be turned off in your device settings. (Settings > VoiceTra4U > Use End Point Detection).
*Please note that even with the above feature turned off, the app will stop speech recognition after 10 seconds without any speech after pressing the 'Mic' button.

Q: Can you explain about the "Access Permission to the Microphone" and "Location Information," etc.?
A: The app uses the microphone on your device to recognize speech and therefore your access permission for the app to use your microphone is essential. The "Location" can be turned "OFF," but the app connects you to the nearest server according to your location, so we recommend you to have this "ON."

Operation Instructions

Q: I’d like to show foreign people how to use the app. How do I explain the operation?
A: We have instructions available in Japanese, English, Mandarin, Taiwanese Mandarin, and Korean. Tap the U-STAR logo at the top of the screen; a link to this page will be displayed.


Q: Some translations seem wrong.
A: We developed this application specifically targeted towards the travel domain such as;
"How much does it cost to get to Kyoto Station by taxi?"
"Can I get a little discount?"
"Where is the restroom?"
The app cannot translate incomprehensible utterances, exclusive words, utterances that are too long, or sentences outside the travel domain.

Q: My device won't vibrate when I hold it to my ear?
A: You will hear a beep through your ear speaker in Ver 2.2 or later.

Q: I don't hear the beep when I hold the device to my ear?
A: Try adjusting the volume on your device.

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