What's New? >>> 2014/8/27 'VoiceTra4U Ver3.2.3' has been released. Download is available here.


What is U-STAR ?

In the fully-globalized society that we live in, communication technologies have developed with bewildering rapidity over the past decade. Real-time sharing and social-networking have resulted in accelerating the explosive increase of interactions between people across the globe today and have brought the world closer than ever before. However, the achievement of mutual understanding remains as one of the ultimate challenges we face, preventing the everlasting dream of creating a world with no language barriers from being realized.

As a useful means to break these barriers, speech-to-speech translation systems, which allow a user’s speech to be translated into designated languages with synthesized voices, are now drawing attention from various fields. Ongoing research in institutes all over the world has respectively been taking place for speech recognition, machine translation, and acoustic synthesis. As a further step, we felt the need to connect these speech translation servers around the world via network to realize simultaneous multilingual speech translations. This was when and why the “U-STAR” consortium, Universal Speech Translation Advanced Research consortium, was established.

U-STAR, currently comprised of 29 institutes from 24 countries/regions, has been conducting various workshops around the world and ongoing research on speech translation. U-STAR and its members have collaboratively developed a multilingual speech translation system to provide translation services via a publicly-released client application, ‘VoiceTra4U’ which implements standardized communication protocols F.745 and H.625 recommended by the ITU-T.

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What's New ?

New! [27, August, 2014] 'VoiceTra4U Ver3.2.3' has been released.
    Download is available here.
New! [12, September, 2014] 5th U-STAR Workshop in
    O-COCOSDA 2014 @Phuket, Thailand

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